2001 Season Summary:

Champion: JEFF (Lions)
2nd Place: ALISSA (Fulton Fury)
3rd Place: BOB (Boogieville Wallups)
4th Place: JEN (Jen's men)
5th Place: ADAM (Crybaby Crushers)
6th Place: DAVITT (Big Dave’s Bad Boys)
7th Place: SCOTT M. (Lord of the Grid)
8th Place: SCOTT T. (MooseMania)

Changes for year 2001:
· Limit number of teams to 8. There are 14 regular season games and each player has 7 opponents, therefore everyone will play each other team twice during the regular season.
· Change to decimal scoring. Example: if your running back had 59 yards the default scoring would give you 2 points (1 point per 20 yards); with decimal scoring you would get 2.9 points for 59 yards.
· Entry Fee & Payout: $20/team Entry Fee = $160.
· $80 to First Place
· $40 to Second Place
· $20 to Third Place
· $20 to Highest Point Total @ end of Regular Season.
· Each team from this year will have the option to keep up to 4 players from this year’s team in return for the same number of Draft Picks. Example: If you choose to keep 2 players you would not draft in the first and second round. Coaches will claim their players that they are keeping before the draft so that others know who is available in draft. I have record of the players.