2003 Season Summary:

Champion: JEFF (Whoop Ass)
2nd Place: SCOTT T. (MooseMania)
3rd Place: BOB (Boogieville Wallups)
4th Place: SCOTT M. (Lord of the Grid)
5th Place: JEN (Jen's men)
6th Place: ADAM (Crybaby Crushers)
7th Place: DAVITT (Big Dave’s Bad Boys)
8th Place: ALISSA (Fulton Fury)

1st Place @ end of Regular Season: JEFF (Whoop Ass)
Highest single week score: JEFF (Whoop Ass)

100+ point weeks (highest to lowest):
JEFF - 122.86
BOB - 116.81
DAVITT - 106.22
ALISSA - 104.23
BOB - 102.69
ALISSA - 101.38
JEFF - 100.59

Biggest Ass Whoopins:
BOB over SCOTT M. by 70.86
BOB over SCOTT T. by 58.94
JEFF over ALISSA by 55.70

Closest Games:
DAVITT over JEN by 0.47 (Week 5)
SCOTT T. over JEFF by 1.90 (Week 5)
BOB over SCOTT T. by 2.12 (Week 4)

Lucky Dogs - Second Lowest score for week but won:
JEFF (Week 6)

Tough Luck - Second Highest Score for week but lost:
None this year.