General Rules: (Updated: Aug 9, 2009)
This page is out of date
  All rules and settings are default Yahoo unless noted otherwise.
  Any rules and settings are subject to change via vote. If you have ideas to make BFL more enjoyable please present them so they can be considered.
Changes to Yahoo Defaults:
  Maximum Teams in League: 8 (Default 10).
  Number of players: 16 (Default 15).
  Last Trade Date: Dec. 4 (Default Nov. 19).
  Determine waiver priority by: Weekly rolling list based on standings
  Fractional Scoring.
Keeper League Rules:
  You can protect players from the draft as follows: One full starting lineup minus one RB or WR. Starting lineup is (1)QB, (2)RB, (3)WR, (1)TE, (1)K, (1)DEF.
  Each player protected forfeits a draft pick. Example: If you protect 4 players your first allotted draft pick will be in the 5th round.
  Draft order is based on last years results. Protected players will not be revealed until all coaches have turned there list in.
  $20 Entry Fee, Due at Draft.

      $135 to First Place
      $60 to Second Place
      $15 to Third Place
      $10 to Fifth Place (winner of the loser bracket)
      $10 to First Place @ end of Regular Season.
      $10 to Loser of the closest game.