BFL 2023 est. 2000
Congrats to Davitt

• Reining Champ 2 years running.
• Davitt is now a 3 time Champion.
2023 Season Results

1st Place: Davitt $135

2nd Place: Brett $60

3rd Place: David $15

1st Place, Regular Season: Travis $15
The Losers

Most Points against (Regular Season): David $15

5th Place: Don 2 Keepers are put in 2 rounds later

7th Place: Bob 1 Keeper is put in 1 round later
Notes of Interest

First year of BFL without Jeff Hamilton.

Travis goes 12-0 and then does not win again for the rest of the year including playoffs.

Both times Chase and David matched up (Week 3 and 10) Chase scored the 2nd highest for the week but walked away with his tail tucked.

David joins League.

Bob and Davitt are now the only original members.

First year of waiver claims with available players locked from game time until Tuesday.

More stats from Yahoo:
2023 Full Standings
1st Place: Davitt
2nd Place: Brett
3rd Place: David
4th Place: Travis
5th Place: Don
6th Place: Chase
7th Place: Bob
8th Place: Tim