2000 Season Summary:

Champion: JEN (Jen's men)
2nd Place: SCOTT T. (MooseMania)
3rd Place: JEFF (Lions)
4th Place: ALISSA (Fulton Fury)
5th Place: BRYAN (Creaping Locusts)
6th Place: BOB (Boogieville Wallups)
7th Place: DAVITT (Big Dave’s Bad Boys)
8th Place: SCOTT M. (Lords-of-Gridiron)
9th Place: ADAM (Rookies)
10th Place: CLAYTON (No Lady Grady)

We had a great season with lots of good games and happenings. The big story was the two-headed pecker of Jeff’s Lions & Jen's men Teams. Credit has to be given to "two head" for finishing 1st & 3rd. The 2nd place team of MooseMania could have easily won the championship game (lost by 2 points) with a little more output from the players who got him their. Moose also finished 2nd in overall points. Fulton Furry had a strong first half of the season posting 3 of the 4 100+ point weeks for the year but let up a little in the second half and finished a respectable 4th place. Fulton Fury finished 1st in overall points. The 5th place team of Creaping Locusts played a roll in the season outcome by beating teams like Boogieville Wallups twice in the regular season and beating Big Dave’s Bad Boys late in the season. Creaping Locusts has not quite got the hang of the fact that it helps to play players that are at least expected to suit up for the game. The remaining teams placed as follows:
6th Boogieville Wallups
7th Big Dave’s Bad Boys
8th Lords-of-Gridiron
9th Rookies (Lost two games by 1 point & had 1 tie)
10th No Lady Grady

Three times the team with the 2nd highest score that week happened to be playing the team with the highest score that week and got a loss for their effort.

Week 4: No Lady Grady (84) -vs- Fulton Fury (100)

Week 5: Creaping Locusts (86) -vs- Big Dave’s Bad Boys (95)

Week 7: Fulton Fury (100) -vs- Lions (108)